Thursday, May 29, 2014

The Only Game in Town

Our plans to be a part of the World Firefighter’s Games started nearly a year ago. After carefully considering the logistics and costs associated with pulling off this event, we negotiated a contract that we beleved would best protect us and our competitors.

Our traditional Traffic Light System (Red, Yellow and Green) has for the most part served us well. Red is the discussion phase, Yellow - a downpayment has been made and Green when progress payments have been made suggesting that the host is a good credit risk and we should make travel plans and book tickets.

The LA event never made it to Green. But, we understand that many athletes have purchased non-refundable tickets. We’d like to see no one getting harmed from this unfortunate experience. For this reason, we’re diligently working on a solution that would bring the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge to the LA area.

Our efforts are complicated by the fact that no one’s answering the telephone. By that, we mean that the parties who were engaged in bringing the games to LA have not been returning phone calls.

If anyone has a bright idea on venues or sponsorship, please give us a call or drop us an email. Hopefully, we can provide the Best and Only Game in Town. 

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Seen at FDIC

FatIvan® is the perfect solution for propping doors open. Put your name on it! 
One of the cool things about FDIC is walking the floor and looking at new stuff. This one takes up very little space to explain and the application is immediately apparent to any firefighter.

What’s very neat is the magnets that hold this in place. A major improvement from the bent nail in
a piece of white pine.

Want one? send an email to

Tell Nick you saw it on the Firefighter Combat Challenge blog spot. They would make a great prize, no?