Friday, May 24, 2019

Daniel’s Helmet has been Restored

For all of you who made a contribution to Daniel’s helmet, you’ll be pleased to know that Matt Baca led the effort to have a replacement after the original was stolen from the trunk of his car in Baltimore

Wednesday, May 22, 2019

First-ever ACSM Challenge Cup

Next week, at the Orange County Convention Center (Florida), the American College of Sports Medicine's 66th Annual Meeting will feature the 3M | Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge®.

Here's the information from the flyer

Join us for the first-ever  
ASCM Challenge Cup!

All exhibitors are urged to create a 3-5 person Relay Team to
participate in the 3M | Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge®.

The full course will be set up on the parking lot of the Rosen Centre,
adjacent to Hall A of the Orange County Convention Center.

Starting Tuesday morning, you can reserve a 30 minute practice
and trial slot by meeting us on the course or signing up at our display
in the Lobby.

Based upon your best seeding time between Tuesday - Thursday,
the top 32 teams will face off Thursday night in a NCAA-style single
elimination bracket.

• No registration fees • Helmets and gloves provided • Bring your own athletic gear 

There is a walkway between Hall A and the Orange County Convention Center
and the Rosen. The Firefighter Combat Challenge will be held on the
parking lot that is due South of the Hotel and North of I-4.

Monday, May 6, 2019

Annual Meeting, National Association of Sport Commissions

I’m here in Knoxville for the NASC meeting, where CVBs (Convention and Visitor’s Bureaus) convene to match venues with sports properties such as our own.

The opening session was hosted at the University of Tennessee’s Neyland Field.

Here’s a panoramic view of the inside of the stadium.

Friday, May 3, 2019

Yogurt & Diabetes

Dr. Suzanne’s Newsletter

Dairy is a confusing topic for many people, and so many "gurus" out there make things even more confusing with contradicting advice for the average person simply trying to eat healthy and improve their health. But in this email, I want to briefly talk about yogurt and the effect on your blood sugar and a few studies in relation to type 2 diabetes as well...

In a report published in 2014, by Frank Hu, a Harvard researcher, included about 459,000 participants in 3 studies, and showed that yogurt intake was associated with a 17% reduction in type 2 diabetes risk.

However, it's important to note that the type of yogurt must NOT be sugar-sweetened or artificially sweetened yogurt... It's vitally important to eat PLAIN, FULL-FAT yogurt (grass-fed preferably) for the most benefits.

Sweetened yogurts will do more harm than good, but a good plain full-fat yogurt has relatively low amounts of natural sugars, while also containing high quality protein and healthy fats, both of which help to control your blood sugar levels, appetite, and balance hormones. In addition, the beneficial probiotics in a good plain full-fat yogurt help to improve gut health, and can benefit diabetics in many ways due to improved digestive health. 

To make your plain full-fat yogurt taste better if you like things a little sweeter, just add a little stevia or monk fruit sweetener, and a handful of fresh or frozen berries and maybe some pumpkin seeds or nuts for a delicious and balanced lunch or snack that keeps blood sugar controlled and boosts fat loss too.

And speaking of blood sugar & diabetes... If you think that Type 2 Diabetes is irreversible like many misinformed doctors will tell you, then you need to read some of the proof below on how to naturally reverse Type 2 Diabetes... Although eating "paleo" or even low-carb is a good first step, you’ll also see below other techniques on just how simple it can be to “fix” your diabetes, control your blood sugars, and lose all of that excess fat sitting on your stomach.

1 Simple trick to REVERSE your Diabetes, naturally (while getting off drugs AND reducing abdominal fat too)

To your health,