Wednesday, May 22, 2019

First-ever ACSM Challenge Cup

Next week, at the Orange County Convention Center (Florida), the American College of Sports Medicine's 66th Annual Meeting will feature the 3M | Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge®.

Here's the information from the flyer

Join us for the first-ever  
ASCM Challenge Cup!

All exhibitors are urged to create a 3-5 person Relay Team to
participate in the 3M | Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge®.

The full course will be set up on the parking lot of the Rosen Centre,
adjacent to Hall A of the Orange County Convention Center.

Starting Tuesday morning, you can reserve a 30 minute practice
and trial slot by meeting us on the course or signing up at our display
in the Lobby.

Based upon your best seeding time between Tuesday - Thursday,
the top 32 teams will face off Thursday night in a NCAA-style single
elimination bracket.

• No registration fees • Helmets and gloves provided • Bring your own athletic gear 

There is a walkway between Hall A and the Orange County Convention Center
and the Rosen. The Firefighter Combat Challenge will be held on the
parking lot that is due South of the Hotel and North of I-4.

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