Thursday, February 24, 2022

Ukraine and the Russians

Confused? Watch this instructional video if you'd like to know about the history of Ukraine and the Russians. 

If you've been attending World Challenge events for the past several years, you've met some of the greatest Ukrainians. 

Here's the link

In May of 2018, as an invited guest of the Ministry of Emergency Services, I executed a partnership that has created a Firefighter Challenge in Ukraine. Sad to think that many of the firefighters I have met in Ukraine, and here who are at risk for a catastrophe not of their making. 




Saturday, February 5, 2022

Is this Bud for You?

In case you've been in a COVID coma, there's a whole lot brewing out there in the retail world of non-alcoholic beers. I've been tracking the brands for more than 30 years- starting with the Miller's Sharps, Budweiser O'Doul's and Coors Cutter's.

If you tried any of those brands I can see why you write off the whole lot. Not really worth the cost. NA beers have got a whole lot better. In fact, in a recent scenario, I offered a Beck's to an unsuspecting sponsor- not telling him that it was NA until he had finished half the bottle. He didn't believe me until he read the label. 

Another great feature of the NA beers is the low calories; one-third to one-half of the typical alcoholic beverage. Budweiser recently brought to market Zero- a major improvement on the swill called O'Doul's. 

So, presented below in no particular order is an assemblage of NA beers from many countries. Some claim no alcohol, the rest are at .5% alcohol max- still less than your typical container of orange juice. It's virtually impossible to fail a breathalyzer test with "just a couple of beers." 

No one can tell what to like; so I won't bother. But, what I will tell you is Penn's Best, at the end of the cue is the best value; sold in cans, for $3 per six-pack. Don't let the price fool you. All of these beverages are best served in a frozen mug. 

Party on Garth!