Wednesday, December 25, 2013

First Airing of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge on CBS Sports

The first airing of this year’s World Challenge XXII from Las Vegas of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge will take place on Sunday, December 29 at 11:00PM (2300hrs) EST, 2000hrs PST. Check your local cable listings for channel and times.

The shows are divided into 2 parts, each :30 minutes. The Individual Championship will be followed by the Relays.

Thursday, December 19, 2013

World Challenge XXII Telecast

While we do not have the air date/time for this year’s competition, we do have a list of Canadian providers who carry CBS Sports and the channel number:

Cogeco – 744
Bell Express Vue (HD channel 1432, SD channel 413)
Rogers – 416
BellAliant – 479
Sasktel – 425
Eastlink – 134

Thursday, December 5, 2013

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic Confirmed List

 Cotton Bowl - Confirmed List

This is everyone who has been confirmed as coming to the Cotton Bowl. If you are planning on coming, and are not on this list, please contact Daniel ( as soon as possible.


Team Horry Hy-Conn

Carlsbad Fire Dirty 5

Oakville Fire Team Levitt-Safety

Montgomery Blue

Mr. Restore

Waukegan Fire Over 40

Team So-Flo/Ridebackwards

Arlington FD


Jeff Leonard Hayward Fire Department

Louis Boiteau Hamilton

William Gates Team USAFA

Aaron Makkinga Shell Scotford ERT

Joseph Waggett Missoula Fire

Matt Tavaglione

Amber Bowman Central York Fire

Al Ertzner Fort Calhoun fire

Jimmy Rogers

Bob Russell Whiteman Crash Fire Group

David Bowman Charlotte Fire Dept

Brad Johnston Darlington Nuclear FD

Patrick Kraft Team USAFA

Daniel Garner Pittsfield Fire Department

Dean Morrow Hamilton

Tommie Osborn Delray Beach

Thomas Hamberger
Chris Cerci
Walt White 

Updated Dec 13th

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Cancer, Toxic Chemicals and Firefighting

I used to wonder why California seemingly lead the nation in establishing flame-retardant treatment of clothing, fabrics and furniture. Seemingly, every piece of furniture sold in the US (and Canada) had a label that touted the fact that it met the stringent CA requirements for being fire retardant.

This HBO show opens with San Francisco fire captain Tony Stefani (ret) discussing his love for the job and how he ended up battling a rare form of cancer. [Back in the early 1990's Tony was instrumental in bringing me to SFFD for one of our week-long Certified Fitness Coordinator training programs.] Ninety minutes later, you're seething over the fact that the chemical industry has attempted to pull the wool over everyone's eyes about the benefits of chemical treatment of fabrics and foams.

This is a fascinating story of how the Chicago Tribune started to connect the dots. Fire departments were duped, along with ordinary citizens by the chemical industry with assistance of the Tobacco Institute.

Back in the last century, we thought little about the residual effects of smoke on our bunker gear. You could always tell when there had been a worker as soon as you walked into the engine bay. Dirty bunker gear was a sign of machismo. Only rookies would have what looked like pristine gear.

This show should be required viewing for all firefighters. As of this posting, I don’t have a universal solution for dissemination through the fire service, but at some point, posting this on YouTube would be one. Tribune Media Services owns the copyright and may be persuaded that this belongs in the public domain. I’m on it.