Thursday, December 5, 2013

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic Confirmed List

 Cotton Bowl - Confirmed List

This is everyone who has been confirmed as coming to the Cotton Bowl. If you are planning on coming, and are not on this list, please contact Daniel ( as soon as possible.


Team Horry Hy-Conn

Carlsbad Fire Dirty 5

Oakville Fire Team Levitt-Safety

Montgomery Blue

Mr. Restore

Waukegan Fire Over 40

Team So-Flo/Ridebackwards

Arlington FD


Jeff Leonard Hayward Fire Department

Louis Boiteau Hamilton

William Gates Team USAFA

Aaron Makkinga Shell Scotford ERT

Joseph Waggett Missoula Fire

Matt Tavaglione

Amber Bowman Central York Fire

Al Ertzner Fort Calhoun fire

Jimmy Rogers

Bob Russell Whiteman Crash Fire Group

David Bowman Charlotte Fire Dept

Brad Johnston Darlington Nuclear FD

Patrick Kraft Team USAFA

Daniel Garner Pittsfield Fire Department

Dean Morrow Hamilton

Tommie Osborn Delray Beach

Thomas Hamberger
Chris Cerci
Walt White 

Updated Dec 13th


ironman said...

Dr. Davis,

I just want to make sure I understand that if I come down with 2 family members, that I get in the game for free and I will pay $50/ticket for my 2 guest.


ironman said...

anyone there? waiting on an answer