Friday, October 31, 2014

The Last Word..

World Challenge XXIII In Phoenix, Arizona!

As World Challenge XXIII in Phoenix is next week, we've been working around the clock to get all of the final details ready to go!

Below we have included some important information that we highly encourage everyone attending Worlds to look through.  There is a lot of new and crucial information here.

All of this will also be posted and updated on Dr. Paul's Blog, which can be found here.

1) Tickets for the Phoenix Suns
Representatives for the Suns will have a sales desk located at the Challenge site, 9AM-11AM Monday-Thursday, offering discounted tickets to competitors. Deep discounts are available; there will be 3 games during the week we’re in town, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night.

2) Registration Barter
We have an opportunity for a limited number of competitors to help out on the course in exchange for registration fees. Email with your availability.

3) Open Relay Category
The Open Class will race on Sunday; there will be a plaque for the winning team. In accordance with our procedure for establishing what is, and is not an “Organic Team” challenges must be brought by bona fide competitors at the time of the competition. On each of the Wild Card Elimination Days, a triumvirate comprised of members of the Challenge Advisory Board Executive Committee will rule on protests. Protests must be timely; i.e., any time before a race, or after a race before the next race, identify your challenge to the Director of Operations, Ron Beckman, or the Clerk of the Course, Daniel Pace. A timely decision will be made.

4) CAB Meeting
At 10 AM, Friday at the Sheraton. We have a room reserved. One hour duration. Topic: the Two-drop rule. Dropping the dummy twice constitutes a DNF. Rationale: safety. After observing more than 30,000 races, those individuals who repeatedly drop the dummy are at risk to continue. This summer, we transported an obviously spent competitor who should have been pulled off the course- well before the 6:00 mark. He had no idea where he was. We need to protect these highly motivated, but ill-prepared people from themselves.

5) Perry Castellano sponsored by Keiser
At the Sheraton, from 1-3 pm, Perry, currently head strength and conditioning coach for the Minnesota Twins and former firefighter-paramedic from Pasadena, will conduct a hands-on power training session: “How to spend quality time in your workouts, with better results.” Our sport is all about Power. Reduce the likelihood of injuries and learn when you need to stop training. 

6) Bus Schedule
LiftMaster has generously sponsored shuttles between the Phoenix International Raceway and Downtown on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  During Wildcard registration we will be getting a list of everyone who expects to use the bus. The busses will depart promptly, so please be on time, or you will have to find your own transportation.  On both days, the shuttles will pick-up competitors at the Hard Rock Cafe in the morning, and drop off at the Raceway; and in the afternoon the pick-up will be from the Raceway and drop off back downtown at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Saturday's pick-up will leave at 7 AM, and Sunday's pick-up will head out at 6 AM.

7) Finalist Flags
Finalist flags will be available for competitors to pick up at Worlds.

8) March On at Finals
All competitors, even if you don’t make it to the final day, are invited to take part in the march on at the Phoenix International Raceway!

Looking forward to seeing you at World Challenge XXIII next week!

As always, check for more information and updates in the World Challenge section of our website!

Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Tickets for the Sprint Cup Championship, Phoenix International Raceway (PIR)

LiftMaster has generously provided free tickets (in a limited quantity) for the Sunday race. If you are interested in receiving a ticket and using the ticket yourself, please send us an email at the address below. Sorry, only one ticket per Challenge Competitor. Be sure that your email contains your name. 

The email:

Contact (at) FFCC.TV

Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Sweet Home Alabama

For those of you who have had the fortunate experience of coming to the great city and state capital of  Montgomery, Alabama you’ll know what I’m talking about. No place throws a Scott Firefighter Challenge like Chief Milford Jordan and his team in the Montgomery Fire Rescue organization. 

For starters, every one of their fire stations and headquarters staff had a team in the relay. And the course-re-cockers came from the academy- all in PT gear and not an unfit member among them. 

This was the new Scott Safety zone manager Bart Copeland’s first Challenge and he couldn’t say enough about how proud he was to be a part of the Scott organization. 

Friday night, under the more than the new sponsor Sunbelt Rentals’ample lights, the individual categories took the field and the highly supportive and enthusiastic crowd hung in there till the end. And what a great end it was. Challenge legends Cory McGee (1:23), Russell “Kraz” Kraznesky (1:25), Darren “Hiller” Hillman (1:26), 2010 World Champion Trevor Fera (1:29) and David Bowman (1:30) posted stellar scores. Kraz now owns World Records for both the over 40 and 45 categories. 

Free breakfast graciously hosted by the City on Saturday morning for all was a great way to start the day. The march-on was impressive with 150 firefighters filling out the bull ring. Mayor Todd Strange gave the crowd a rousing “Southern Hospitality!” welcome and whipped the crowd up to a frenzy over the prospects of hosting a World Challenge next year in Montgomery. Without a cloud in the sky and temperatures in the high 70°s, we had the makings of an all-around world-class event. 

For the first time, we had six CrossFit teams compete in helmets and gloves for a single elimination tournament. It was clear that these people had come to play; they knew the rules and posted some pretty impressive times- especially considering that some of the women were barely 100 pounds soaking wet. 

I can’t think of another venue where city officials and the collective host fire department have embraced the ethos of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, more completely or convincingly. Thanks to everyone in Montgomery for their extraordinaty encouragement of firefighter fitness and public safety!

Monday, October 6, 2014

World Challenge XXIII - Heads Up- October 6

Some late-breaking news for all Competitors headed to Phoenix. Please read this entire memo as there have been some scheduling and venue changes.

1. Competition Course – S. 3rd Street at E. Jefferson - Monday Nov 3 – Thursday Nov 6 Despite assurances to the contrary, we will not be on 2nd Street because of the blocked access to the daily parking lot. We are now on S. 3rd Street at E. Jefferson, a difference without a real distinction. It’s “just around the corner” from the original location and Hard Rock Café, one of our downtown hosts along with Phoenix Fire Department. Permits are being filed to close this street and all who are in the know believe we have sealed the deal.

2. Off Day Activities – Friday, Nov 7 Friday is the move day; we’re taking the entire course out to the race track. In the meantime, we have scheduled a workshop/seminar, featuring Perry Castellano, strength and conditioning coach, Minnesota Twins and former Pasadena firefighter. You will not want to miss out on Perry’s dynamic, hands-on presenation. Venue will be announced in our next news blast.

3. Race categories All race and award categories remain the same, plus the addition of the “Open” Relay- cobble together any team you wish and we will recognize the overall winner with a plaque presented by Lion. You can race in two categories, but we don’t recommend it. If you’re in the quarterly finals, you could be running back-to-back.

4. Lion’s Den Reception – Friday, Nov 7 Since we are no longer constrained by a Friday race day, the Lion’s Den induction ceremony will take place in the late afternoon; i.e. ≈4PM (1600hrs). We are finalizing an indoor location so that we can project the “Best of Michael DeGrandpre” (from his ever-popular Flickr account) and the announcement of those who will make it into the last day. Check the website to ensure that your name is listed if you believe that you made the cut this year.

5. Finals: Saturday, Nov 8 & Sunday, Nov 9 – at Phoenix International Raceway The good news here is that we will be outiside of the credentialed area, meaning that we are now unrestrained in our start and finish times. So, tandems can convey to Sunday morning, and we will not have to start at 0800hrs, nor finish to fit into any constrained window dictated by the NASCAR race. Also, there will be no restriction on the use of the parking lot by your POV (or rental car). Sunday, however, the lot will not be available. Bus service is still being arranged. We’re still awaiting word about how the tickets to the Sprint Cup will be handled.

6. Rule Reminder Competitors are not allowed to touch or adjust any of the props, other than moving the highrise pack forward or aft. If you observe any prop out of place or order, immediately bring it to the attention of the course official on your lane. All hammers are going to be “incubated” to ensure that they are all exactly the same temperature. A three-hammer rotation will be enforced. No touching the hammers.

7. CBS Sports: Bonus Airing The Scott World Challenge XXII from Las Vegas will be broadcast on Oct 25 at 1000EDT.

8. The “Names” Tee Shirt We’re brining back the classic “Class of 2014” Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge® tee shirt, with all the names of the finalists for this year. We will have the complete list up in reasonable time to ensure timely printing and delivery. This means that we have a pretty short fuse to get this done. The drop dead date will be established by our printing company and posted on hot news, along with a web page listing everyone. All foreign nationals are urged to send us your names now by clicking here xxx. There will be a limited run, with a first come-first served paradigm for sales. There will NOT be enough for everyone. We will NOT be allowed to sell merchandise at the track. So all sales must be concluded by C.O.B. (close of business) at the downtown Phoenix location Thursday.

 9. Bio Information Mike Word is emphatic: fill out your bio or he’ll be making up false stories about your predilections. I suggest that you don’t want to give him license to call you a communist or worse. Most importantly, make sure that we have the phonetic spelling of your name. We enjoy getting it right the first time.

10. Live Feed We will be broadcasting all of the action. Around the world. For free. There will not be a TV show this year because we are under contract to CBS, and Fox owns the commercial broadcast rights to the NASCAR race which conflict with our CBS deal. So, tell grandma when to tune in; we’ll publish the daily run orders so there will be a reasonable approximation as to what time you’ll be on camera. Again, Maria Prekeges will be doing the interviews, assuming that you want to be seen on camera.

11. Patches, Certificates and Flags It’s taken longer than usual to secure sponsorship, but the 2014 Finalist Flags will be distributed at WCXXIII. Daniel has the list and we’ll be distributing them at Check In.

12. Drug Testing The mere mention of testing sends some people scurrying. It’s really not that hard. Here’s the easiest solution: an iPhone app: NSF. Virtually everything that you need to know about acceptable supplements is at your disposal. If the product is approved by MLB or the NFL, you’re assured that there’s nothing in it that is banned. Keep in mind, a banned substance can be legally prescribed for a medical condition- and still be banned.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Secret Service woes show hiring should be based on qualifications

Here’s an article from the link: y Douglas MacKinnon | Tribune Staff Published: October 4, 2014 Thanks to Mika Brzezinski of MSNBC’s “Morning Joe,” oppressive white males — at least momentarily before we are shouted down — are allowed to touch upon the ultra-politically correct subject of hiring based on diversity as opposed to qualifications. As the incompetence of Julia Pierson, who just resigned in disgrace as head of the U.S. Secret Service, became more evident, Brzezinski dared to wonder if political correctness instead of qualifications inserted Pierson into that position and then kept her there in the face of mounting controversies. Brzezinski told her male panelists she was openly speculating on the subject because they might be “afraid to touch” it. Good guess. I don’t know a male anywhere who is not completely in favor of equal rights for men and women. It is the liberal definition of “equal” that has some men not only scratching their heads but, depending upon the profession, concerned for their lives or well-being. I have two male friends who are police officers, two male cousins who are firefighters and several male friends who serve in combat units in the military. Every single one is strongly in favor of equal rights for men and women. The one and only request that they have is that because of the dangers and physical demands of their jobs, they believe the women hired or enlisted should be required to pass the exact same physical fitness tests they are required to take. Nothing more, but certainly nothing less. Male firefighters I have spoken with honestly worry that if some of the women in their firehouses aren’t strong enough to carry the hose or lift a ladder, how will they be able to carry them or a civilian out of a burning building? The same concern regarding the lack of strength is on the mind of a number of male police officers and male members of our military. They just won’t voice it aloud for fear of retribution from the left. Political correctness is often the enemy of common sense and truth. But when it strays across the line to create safety and protection issues, maybe it’s time to revisit certain hiring practices. As reported by CNN, The Washington Post and other news outlets, the male intruder who made it all the way into the White House knocked down a female Uniform Division Secret Service agent on his way into the mansion. Naturally, political correctness demanded that the female agent’s gender be defended immediately, so some in the media quickly added that “gender had nothing to do” with the husky male getting by the female agent. Some reported that the female agent got back up and “tackled the suspect.” Nice, except that is not what happened. As was later accurately reported, the suspect was in fact “tackled” by an off-duty male agent from the Presidential Protection Division and not the female agent he overpowered. The editors at The Washington Post were apparently so bothered that this male suspect knocked down a female agent that it even censored its own reporting. When the Post first reported the incident, it pointed out the suspect overpowered a “female” agent. Soon thereafter, it struck the word “female” from its own reporting. On this topic, back in 2005 when a powerful male inmate overpowered a 51-year-old slight female deputy in an Atlanta courthouse, took her service weapon and proceeded to use it to execute a judge and three other people, much of the media bent over backward to avoid reporting the fact that the overpowered deputy was a woman. Why? That fact was relevant. As stated, every man I know believes in actual equal rights between men and women. At least when it comes to the hiring or enlistment practices for our police and fire departments and the military, shouldn’t the physical fitness requirements also be equal? If Mika Brzezinski is still employed and has not been ostracized by her fellow liberals for sacrilege against the Nanny State for asking a logical question, maybe we can run it past her.