Monday, October 6, 2014

World Challenge XXIII - Heads Up- October 6

Some late-breaking news for all Competitors headed to Phoenix. Please read this entire memo as there have been some scheduling and venue changes.

1. Competition Course – S. 3rd Street at E. Jefferson - Monday Nov 3 – Thursday Nov 6 Despite assurances to the contrary, we will not be on 2nd Street because of the blocked access to the daily parking lot. We are now on S. 3rd Street at E. Jefferson, a difference without a real distinction. It’s “just around the corner” from the original location and Hard Rock Caf├ę, one of our downtown hosts along with Phoenix Fire Department. Permits are being filed to close this street and all who are in the know believe we have sealed the deal.

2. Off Day Activities – Friday, Nov 7 Friday is the move day; we’re taking the entire course out to the race track. In the meantime, we have scheduled a workshop/seminar, featuring Perry Castellano, strength and conditioning coach, Minnesota Twins and former Pasadena firefighter. You will not want to miss out on Perry’s dynamic, hands-on presenation. Venue will be announced in our next news blast.

3. Race categories All race and award categories remain the same, plus the addition of the “Open” Relay- cobble together any team you wish and we will recognize the overall winner with a plaque presented by Lion. You can race in two categories, but we don’t recommend it. If you’re in the quarterly finals, you could be running back-to-back.

4. Lion’s Den Reception – Friday, Nov 7 Since we are no longer constrained by a Friday race day, the Lion’s Den induction ceremony will take place in the late afternoon; i.e. ≈4PM (1600hrs). We are finalizing an indoor location so that we can project the “Best of Michael DeGrandpre” (from his ever-popular Flickr account) and the announcement of those who will make it into the last day. Check the website to ensure that your name is listed if you believe that you made the cut this year.

5. Finals: Saturday, Nov 8 & Sunday, Nov 9 – at Phoenix International Raceway The good news here is that we will be outiside of the credentialed area, meaning that we are now unrestrained in our start and finish times. So, tandems can convey to Sunday morning, and we will not have to start at 0800hrs, nor finish to fit into any constrained window dictated by the NASCAR race. Also, there will be no restriction on the use of the parking lot by your POV (or rental car). Sunday, however, the lot will not be available. Bus service is still being arranged. We’re still awaiting word about how the tickets to the Sprint Cup will be handled.

6. Rule Reminder Competitors are not allowed to touch or adjust any of the props, other than moving the highrise pack forward or aft. If you observe any prop out of place or order, immediately bring it to the attention of the course official on your lane. All hammers are going to be “incubated” to ensure that they are all exactly the same temperature. A three-hammer rotation will be enforced. No touching the hammers.

7. CBS Sports: Bonus Airing The Scott World Challenge XXII from Las Vegas will be broadcast on Oct 25 at 1000EDT.

8. The “Names” Tee Shirt We’re brining back the classic “Class of 2014” Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge® tee shirt, with all the names of the finalists for this year. We will have the complete list up in reasonable time to ensure timely printing and delivery. This means that we have a pretty short fuse to get this done. The drop dead date will be established by our printing company and posted on hot news, along with a web page listing everyone. All foreign nationals are urged to send us your names now by clicking here xxx. There will be a limited run, with a first come-first served paradigm for sales. There will NOT be enough for everyone. We will NOT be allowed to sell merchandise at the track. So all sales must be concluded by C.O.B. (close of business) at the downtown Phoenix location Thursday.

 9. Bio Information Mike Word is emphatic: fill out your bio or he’ll be making up false stories about your predilections. I suggest that you don’t want to give him license to call you a communist or worse. Most importantly, make sure that we have the phonetic spelling of your name. We enjoy getting it right the first time.

10. Live Feed We will be broadcasting all of the action. Around the world. For free. There will not be a TV show this year because we are under contract to CBS, and Fox owns the commercial broadcast rights to the NASCAR race which conflict with our CBS deal. So, tell grandma when to tune in; we’ll publish the daily run orders so there will be a reasonable approximation as to what time you’ll be on camera. Again, Maria Prekeges will be doing the interviews, assuming that you want to be seen on camera.

11. Patches, Certificates and Flags It’s taken longer than usual to secure sponsorship, but the 2014 Finalist Flags will be distributed at WCXXIII. Daniel has the list and we’ll be distributing them at Check In.

12. Drug Testing The mere mention of testing sends some people scurrying. It’s really not that hard. Here’s the easiest solution: an iPhone app: NSF. Virtually everything that you need to know about acceptable supplements is at your disposal. If the product is approved by MLB or the NFL, you’re assured that there’s nothing in it that is banned. Keep in mind, a banned substance can be legally prescribed for a medical condition- and still be banned.

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