Friday, October 31, 2014

The Last Word..

World Challenge XXIII In Phoenix, Arizona!

As World Challenge XXIII in Phoenix is next week, we've been working around the clock to get all of the final details ready to go!

Below we have included some important information that we highly encourage everyone attending Worlds to look through.  There is a lot of new and crucial information here.

All of this will also be posted and updated on Dr. Paul's Blog, which can be found here.

1) Tickets for the Phoenix Suns
Representatives for the Suns will have a sales desk located at the Challenge site, 9AM-11AM Monday-Thursday, offering discounted tickets to competitors. Deep discounts are available; there will be 3 games during the week we’re in town, Wednesday, Friday and Sunday night.

2) Registration Barter
We have an opportunity for a limited number of competitors to help out on the course in exchange for registration fees. Email with your availability.

3) Open Relay Category
The Open Class will race on Sunday; there will be a plaque for the winning team. In accordance with our procedure for establishing what is, and is not an “Organic Team” challenges must be brought by bona fide competitors at the time of the competition. On each of the Wild Card Elimination Days, a triumvirate comprised of members of the Challenge Advisory Board Executive Committee will rule on protests. Protests must be timely; i.e., any time before a race, or after a race before the next race, identify your challenge to the Director of Operations, Ron Beckman, or the Clerk of the Course, Daniel Pace. A timely decision will be made.

4) CAB Meeting
At 10 AM, Friday at the Sheraton. We have a room reserved. One hour duration. Topic: the Two-drop rule. Dropping the dummy twice constitutes a DNF. Rationale: safety. After observing more than 30,000 races, those individuals who repeatedly drop the dummy are at risk to continue. This summer, we transported an obviously spent competitor who should have been pulled off the course- well before the 6:00 mark. He had no idea where he was. We need to protect these highly motivated, but ill-prepared people from themselves.

5) Perry Castellano sponsored by Keiser
At the Sheraton, from 1-3 pm, Perry, currently head strength and conditioning coach for the Minnesota Twins and former firefighter-paramedic from Pasadena, will conduct a hands-on power training session: “How to spend quality time in your workouts, with better results.” Our sport is all about Power. Reduce the likelihood of injuries and learn when you need to stop training. 

6) Bus Schedule
LiftMaster has generously sponsored shuttles between the Phoenix International Raceway and Downtown on Saturday and Sunday mornings.  During Wildcard registration we will be getting a list of everyone who expects to use the bus. The busses will depart promptly, so please be on time, or you will have to find your own transportation.  On both days, the shuttles will pick-up competitors at the Hard Rock Cafe in the morning, and drop off at the Raceway; and in the afternoon the pick-up will be from the Raceway and drop off back downtown at the Hard Rock Cafe.  Saturday's pick-up will leave at 7 AM, and Sunday's pick-up will head out at 6 AM.

7) Finalist Flags
Finalist flags will be available for competitors to pick up at Worlds.

8) March On at Finals
All competitors, even if you don’t make it to the final day, are invited to take part in the march on at the Phoenix International Raceway!

Looking forward to seeing you at World Challenge XXIII next week!

As always, check for more information and updates in the World Challenge section of our website!

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