Monday, November 3, 2014

Day One: World Challenge XXIII

View of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge course on
3rd Street, Downtown Phoenix from the Sheraton
Things kicked off this morning on 3rd Street with an incredible change in the 100°F weather of last week. The sky was azure blue and the wind wafted gently down the canyon. Some last minute issues with the change in venue from 2nd Street put a kink in going live with our YouTube broadcast. But, not to fear; we captured it all and it’s being uploaded for your viewing pleasure.

I’ll attempt to give you a recap of the major happenings of the day. First a big shout out for Firefighters for Christ. These guys did a lot of the heavy lifting in resetting the course. We also had helpers from the Glendale Fire Academy- the “night school” version. Guys who are getting their FF certification, good for 20+ states.

Then, we had some more guys who were bartering their registation in return for multiple runs. We love you guys too.

Jim DeGrandpre did the competitor commentary while Mike Riley did play-by-play. Mike Word got in this afternoon and is doing sound checks, preparing for taking over tomorrow. We need to save his voice, so we’ll give him some respites during the week.

Josh, the cast member from Extreme Weight Loss, after warching a lot of races was ready to give it a run. He was targeting for a time under 5 minutes and posted a time well under 3.

First days are typically light ones and we wrapped up around 3 or so. Daniel’s working on the results which will be posted later today.

The store opens tomorrow and will only be operational through Thursday as we will not be allowed to sell merchandise on NASCAR property.

Friday, we will by necessity, make a swap with Perry going on at 10:00 and the CAB meeting taking place at 2PM at the Sheraton Meeting Room.

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