Saturday, November 22, 2014

High Rise Hijinks

Photos courtesy of Jeff Leonard ©2014
 For the past couple of years we’ve been using the same highrise pack- and it shows. We’ve had some constructive criticism from our sponsors about the beatup condition- and we agreed.

The problem is that our current sponsor does not make a hose in the old diameter.

Jeff Leonard to the Rescue
Jeff sent me these photos of his practice pack and clearly, this is the solution.

And, for everyone to plainly see, he’s even included the dimensions.

The bundle is secured with a True North velcro’d cover- which we sell in our store.

5” hose is 8” when not charged
The great benefit is that it’s rubber coated, something that I’ve been wanting to do since we had the tropical storm back in 1999 in Kissimmee. About 4 pounds of water was absorbed by the fabric covered hose, evoking, as you can imagine, a lot of complaints.

When the next season kicks off, hopefully, we’ll have created a more flexible, durable and water-proofed version of the high-rise pack.

Our apologies to everyone who took offense to the suggested audible at the line of scrimmage for introducing a brand new set of high rise packs.

While Jeff’s high-rise pack looks like it’s been through a few workers, (and maybe it has), we’ll use Spray-Nine and a stiff brush to attempt to keep the props looking good for all the photo ops. We’d like the pack to last for years.

The bundle is just 2” shy of 4 feet.

The stacked height is between 5 and 6 inches
Fire hose is very expensive. However, if there is a demand for pre-fabricated hose packs, we’ll see what we can do by creating an inventory item for sale either from our website or the Combat Wear Zone.

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