Monday, November 24, 2014

Lion’s Den Class of 2104

Class of 2014 Lion’s Den Inductees, Phoenix (Hard Rock Café) World Challenge XXIII
Welcome, welcome all. Typically, well over half of our inductees make the cut at the World Challenge. Here’s the list of those who made it this year: 2014 (through the US Nationals). Those who met the criteria during WCXXII will be inducted next year.


Justin Anderson
Zbigniew Banasiak
Jason Barker
Adrian Bent
Richard Burke
Jay Carter
Lance Conroy
Mike Cook
Jeremy Devitt
Carl Dickerson
Jean-Francois Doucet
Danny Folino
Mandy Gould
Darrick Graff
Anze Habjan
David Hashem
Tyler Hodges
Neil Hubley
Richard Hynes
Edward Jackman
Sean Jackman
Andrew Kencis
Ed Keuning
Radoslaw Komorek
Ruth Lancashire
Bruce Lewis
Tim Lisecky
Olov Ludwig
Wayne Maw
Richard Menard
Travis Nichols
Muriel Omnes
Brad Potter
Tom Rohrbach
Sean Romanek
Jamie Shingleton
David Spratt
Gregor Stanonik
Eric Studerus
Ben Suranko
Todd Vannatter
Andrew Verhoeven
Meghan White
Danny Young

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