Wednesday, April 22, 2015

RULE CHANGE: 1 Second Penalty

The Finish Line
After consideration, the Rules Committee has reduced the penalty for crashing at the finish line to 1 second, down from 2. First, since imposing a penalty for failing to finish on your feet, we’ve noticed a significant decrease in the number of falls.

The rule was designed to reduce the damage to the carpets, the Air-Paks® and to the Competitors. There is no time advantage to be gained by lunging at the finish line. A corollary benefit is eliminating any perceived confusion as to who won a specific race. Since one second would automatically be added, the team that was still standing would (barring any existing penalities) be the winner. We do not need 2 seconds to differentiate the difference.

The 2 second penalty, as was written seemed to provide some judgement as to whether it was deserved or not; i.e., did the individual trip, or was it because of a lunge. Now, the penalty will be awarded every time, for all falls at the finish line.

So, short answer, keep your momentum and balance in check and finish on your feet.

Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome to World Challenge XXIV

The Official World Challenge XXIV Finalist Flag
In our attempts to get way out in front of World Challenge XXIV this coming October 19, we’ve launched the most visible Finalist program yet. Here is the protocol that we will follow, starting at our 415th event next week in Indinapolis at the FDIC. 

All finalists will be eligible for their Lion tee shirt, Montgomery (Alabama) WCXXIV embroidered patch, and if on a team, your flag! This is unprecedented in our history. You are entitled to one flag over the course of the year. However, as has become a popular practice- the giving of flags to sponsors, you may purchase additional flags at the store. The price is $25. We are able to offer this price because we have ordered 500. Nominally, these flags would be $100+ in small quantities. 

Similarly, only one Lion tee per qualifier; your name will be entered into our database at the store. These shirts will not be for sale. Also, there will be for each finalist, a welcome to Montgomery packet with all the lodging and local attraction. This will be a World Challenge that you will can’t miss. The city is rolling out the carpet with tons of things to do. Enjoy Southern hospitality like you’ve never seen it before.  

The Highrise Pack

Base of the Tower, High-Rise - Stair Climb
To our best ability, we attempt to strictly maintain the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge course in a pristine and unchanging condition. Whenever possible, if changes are to be made, we attempt to do this at the start of a season. We realize that around the globe, Challengers are attempting to replicate with exactness the same operating distances, weights and composition as the equipment we convey year after year.

Obviously, we impose a lot of wear and tear on the props, especially the Rescue Randy® and the hoses. In this article, I’m going to provide you with some insights on fire hose.

We’ve logged the distances that the attack hose sections have been dragged (it’s miles). We know that if exposed to a downpour, it will absorb water. With the aid of a dynomometer, we know that with the line fully stretched, its up to (depending upon surface) 240 pounds of resistance (hose, water and coefficient of friction).

We’ve had a number of hose sponsors; this is an industry that’s constantly in flux. We are always attempting to position our brand with the best in the business. But, these are businesses that change ownership or marketing focus. So, there are factors beyond our control, like personnel or manufacturing changes.

Last year, we were approached by a company that wanted to sponsor the Challenge. Acting in good faith on this intent, we began the process of assimilation and discussed the configuration of the high-rise pack. We were at the point where a final decision was to be made by top management and then...nothing.

So, a quandary. Next week at FDIC, we look forward to resolving what will be the product line and the configuration for the highrise pack. The weight will not change (19Kg-42lb). That we do know and as soon as we resolve the specifics, you’ll be the first to know.