Friday, April 17, 2015

Welcome to World Challenge XXIV

The Official World Challenge XXIV Finalist Flag
In our attempts to get way out in front of World Challenge XXIV this coming October 19, we’ve launched the most visible Finalist program yet. Here is the protocol that we will follow, starting at our 415th event next week in Indinapolis at the FDIC. 

All finalists will be eligible for their Lion tee shirt, Montgomery (Alabama) WCXXIV embroidered patch, and if on a team, your flag! This is unprecedented in our history. You are entitled to one flag over the course of the year. However, as has become a popular practice- the giving of flags to sponsors, you may purchase additional flags at the store. The price is $25. We are able to offer this price because we have ordered 500. Nominally, these flags would be $100+ in small quantities. 

Similarly, only one Lion tee per qualifier; your name will be entered into our database at the store. These shirts will not be for sale. Also, there will be for each finalist, a welcome to Montgomery packet with all the lodging and local attraction. This will be a World Challenge that you will can’t miss. The city is rolling out the carpet with tons of things to do. Enjoy Southern hospitality like you’ve never seen it before.  

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