Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic: Posting No. 2

This is the first invitational list for the Cotton Bowl event.  Due to the concentrated schedule of having individual and relay runs occur nearly simultaneously, competitors will only be able to participate in one or the other. All competitors who are alternates are posted with a * by their number.

We will be contacting everyone on the list, but if you're already certain either way, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1 Shaun Henderson Oakville Team Levitt Safety
2 Jeff Leonard Hayward Fire Department
3 Claude Belanger Groupe Solution Sinistre Longueuil
4 Jamie McGarva Westshore Terminals / Delta
5 Louis Boiteau Hamilton
6 Justin Couperus Hamilton
7 William Gates Team USAFA
8 Ian Van Reenen Lambton College
9 John Betts Wendy’s of Fredericton
10 Ryan Hallam Wendy’s of Fredericton
11 Bruce Fields Winston-Salem Fire and Rescue
12 Mike Melton Alameda County Fire
13 Aaron Makkinga Shell Scotford ERT
14 Scott Minty Bruce Power
15 MacKenzie Briggs So - Flo
16 Ian Pringle Brampton Fire Demons Team Starfield Lion
17 Joseph Waggett Missoula Fire
18 Drew Huerter Brampton Fire Demons Team Starfield Lion
19* Cory McGee Whiteman Crash Fire Group
20* Matt Ciolfi Team Edge- North Vancouver
21* Beau Gunter Team Tuscaloosa
22* Reid Taylor Westshore Terminals / Delta
23* Ryan Rickards Westshore Terminals / Delta
24* Mike Brown Kamloops Fire Rescue
25* Brian Klassen Barrie Fire
26* Don Clarke Kamloops Fire Rescue

1 Team Horry Hy-Conn
2 Lambton Relay
3 Carlsbad Fire Dirty 5
4 Oakville Fire Team Levitt-Safety
5 Westminster Combat
6 Montgomery Blue
7 Team Baconator
8 Hamilton Fire
9 Kamloops Fire Rescue Team New Gold
10 Brampton Demons Team Starfield Lion
11 Sherbrooke Innotex ST
12 Mr. Restore
13 Waukegan Fire Over 40
14 Winston Salem Young Guns
15 Team So-Flo/Ridebackwards
17* Team Westshore Terminals Delta
18* Sc Johnson

1 Amber Bowman Central York Fire
2 Carla Penman North Vancouver district
3* Jacqueline Palmer Las Vegas Fire & Rescue
4* Lindsey Ingram Winnipeg Fire Dept.

Over 50

1 Mark Millward Westshore Terminals / Delta
2 Al Ertzner Fort Calhoun fire
3 Malcolm Hills Edmonton
4 Cyril Fraser Halifax Regional Fire
5* David Steele Las Vegas Fire&Rescue
6* Lonnie Lewis Team Chesterfield, VA

Over 40
1 Bob Russell Whiteman Crash Fire Group
2 Darren Van Zandbergen Oakville Team Levitt Safety
3 Darren Hillman Windsor/Tecumseh Team Parker Construction
4 Joachim Posanz TFA Team Goettingen Germany
5 David Bowman Charlotte Fire Dept
6 Brad Johnston Darlington Nuclear FD
7 Bob Murray Team West Edmonton Mall
8 Patrick Kraft Team USAFA
9 Rick Stephens So - Flo
10 Chris Cerci Peters Township Fire Department
11* Daniel Garner Pittsfield Fire Department
12* Jeff Readman Team West Edmonton Mall

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

This just in from Jeannie Allen

     I'm thoroughly enjoying a two week chemo break and especially a full week in Vegas at the World's Firefighter Combat Challenge Competition. It's been a week of humbling surprises. My relay team made up special IBTC  t-shirts to sell to help raise funds for my never ending medical expenses and travel fee's. They are FLORESCENT yellow and are very noticeable. What a great act of compassion and thoughtfulness.  And then to add to the shock, I showed up on Monday for preliminary races and was surprised to see a team walking around with fluorescent pink t-shirts with "Running as One for Jeanie Allen" printed on the backs. WOW!!!  A Canadian Fire Dept. from New Brunswick did this up special in support of my fight, and I was truly humbled and so appreciative. 
Little did I know I hadn't seen anything yet. 

Friday night was Lion's Den Awards attended by HUNDREDS of firefighters and their families. This Canadian Team decided to pull another surprise on me and announced that they were raffling off their Team shirts and that all proceeds donated would go to help support my cancer fight. These hundreds of brothers and sisters, most who had never met or heard of me before this week, reached deep in their pockets and made me absolutely speechless at their generosity. I made an impromptu speech in gratitude, but I don't know what I said as I was truly in shock and crying. 

I am a single Mom living on disability and limited part time work, trying to support my family, and still fight the fight. I just want to live long enough to raise my kiddo's. The funds are truly a prayer answered. Now, besides travel expenses for medical treatment, I can also consider some natural treatment options and relieve major financial stress. Rest assured to all the generous, anonymous supporters, the funds will be spent with thoughtful intention on how to get the most out of every penny. 

I've outlived my prognosis by 8 months, but treatment options are getting more and more scarce. It's darn scary to think about so I am persistent in focusing on what I can do, and appreciating my physical health whatever that is, and living every day as the gift that it is. 

When this cancer vacation is over and I return home tomorrow, I will be right back to facing the immediacy and harsh reality of trying to find another treatment option to keep this cancer at bay. 
But I have TONIGHT left to play in Vegas......

On a side note, the competition was fabulous in the Female Firefighter Relay division. The Itty Bitty Titty Committee Relay Team ran strong and came away with a hard earned third place finish in the 22nd World Firefighter Challenge competition.  It was SO MUCH FUN racing with my favorite gals and reconnecting with old and new friendships. Now it's time to put the racing behind us and EAT, DRINK, AND BE MERRY!! 

 Finally :)
And you know what they say.. "Whatever happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas":) !

TV and the Firefighter Combat Challenge

For ten years we enjoyed the largess of ESPN. By that I mean that through a barter (we give them content, they gave us time), we were able to showcase the skills and talents of our American Heroes.

Then came poker. Poker had money and purchased time slots that ESPN used for barter purposes. I completely understand the business model. Why give away time when you can sell it?  ESPN is not PBS. They are owned by Disney who has shareholders that expect a return on their investment.

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge® is not a professional sport. By definition, a professional sport would pay sufficiently so that one can make a living at it. It has never been our intention to detract from our mission- to promote physical fitness and the public persona of the American (and now world-wide) firefighter. It has never been about enriching specific firefighters. The moment we start offering cash prizes, fire chiefs will shut us down in a New York minute.

TV was a huge enhancement of our sport. But we simply do not have the budget to produce broadcast TV. For the past two years Webcasting included everyone. We had very impressive numbers- and that was without any promotion. The cost for this production was borne entirely by On Target as an un-budgeted line item. Unlike a one-hour ESPN show that may capture a dozen athletes, Livestream allowed everyone a chance to be seen. I heard nothing but positive comments from everyone who tuned in.

For two years I flogged a concept to every broadcast outlet- called “Can You Take the Heat?” I couldn’t sell this anywhere. Even had an audience with Mark Burnett. Interestingly, his new show, Stripes for Stars is exactly the same story arc with the exception that his show is set in a military environment.

It’s clear that the American market loves their firefighters. Especially when their day isn’t exactly going well. That doesn’t necessarily convert into firefighters as entertainment. We boast a number of world-class athletes. Some have even been in the ranks of professional sports.

Contemplate for a moment the backlash that would ensue when publicly supported fire departments are sending firefighters to a competition where cash prizes are given out. We will not stand in the way of anyone who wishes to excel and pursue their dreams for fame and glory- and even cash. It’s just not going to happen within the scope of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge. We’re about the collective fire service- raising the bar for everyone.

Now, at World Challenge XXII we’re back on TV. CBS Sports will be carrying a two episode show. The conditions of the copyright prohibit us from distributing content for free, since they’re airing the show with advertiser support. We provided daily coverage, live. And for only $5, you can purchase the entire week’s content. All of the content has been archived. We’ll provide you with information about how to watch it within the next few days.

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic: Posting No. 1

I plan on providing all of the current information Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge Lion Invitational AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic right here on this Blogspot. There will be NO OTHER source for accurate and official information. No rumors, gossip or Facebook postings. 

First: The Invitees. 

Daniel and I immediately set to work this morning to construct the who’s who of the Cotton Bowl invitees. We are basing this strictly on merit, with the exception of Team Europe who will not be included for the obvious reason of cash. 

So, taking all of last week’s runs, and putting them in order, we’ll post these later with 2 alternates. 

Now, it’s critical that expressions of interest be genuine. We’ve been attempting to develop a method that would ensure that people who say they’re coming actually will show up. We’ve advertised that there is no entry fee. So, there’s no leverage by way of a cash bond, unless we require some evidence of surety such as a non-refundable deposit. You will definitely piss off a lot of people if you take up a slot and then bail out. So, we’re going to ask that in order to secure your spot, you’ll need to send us copies of your airplane tickets. 

We will alternate individual runs with the Relays. This will allow us to change out SCBA units faster. We want to maximize the amount of runs by being as efficient as possible. We’ll ask that rather than walking back up the course, that once finished, go around the spectators as you return your Air-Paks. 

As mentioned, there will be 16 Relay Teams. They will be posted tomorrow. 

And, approximately 36 individuals by traditional Regional Event Categories. 

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic- 2014

Despite the fact that all of our energies are focused on Las Vegas next week, it’s timely to talk about the Lion’s Den Invitational looming just over the horizon in 2014. The Cotton Bowl Committee has extended an invitation to provide pre-game entertainment on the Special Events Plaza at the AT&T Stadium [formerly known as Cowboy Stadium in Arlington, TX] Friday, January 3, from 2:35-4:45.

This sets in motion a whole bunch of questions, many of which are presently being answered. For example, we will require that all of the Competitors qualify at World Challenge XXII at the Stratosphere.

This event will be choreographed like the half-time entertainment at the Super Bowl. We must wrap up the competition with the last race precisely before the pep-ralley. That’s why the 4:45 finish time.

We will lead off with Lion’s Den members in the age/sex categories who attended World Challenge XXII and finish with a single elimination tournament of the top 16 Relays based on best time. Invitations will be extended strictly on the basis of merit (i.e., rank order). An RSVP will be required. Barring that eventuality, the invitation will move to the next person on the list and so on and so forth. There is no registration fee.

Since lodging is likely to be problematic at this time - due to the 100,000 attendees, fire stations in the Metroplex will be offering bunks to you. There are a myriad of other logistical questions that we’re working on, such as possible special TV coverage, parking, etc.

Clearly, we cannot accommodate everyone that would like to be there. Assuming that our audition is well-received, this may become a regularly occurring feature in the out-years.

In preparation for the event, and to kick off our Engine Company Good - To - Go initiative, we will be locating our tower at the AFD’s Training Academy the first week in November. If you’re interested in being a part of the Event Crew and work on setting up, re-cocking, or pack-up send an expression of interest to the email below.

Write down your questions and send them along to Info@FFCC.TV. I’ll be posting updates here as we know more.

Ron Beckman and Road Crew did a site inspection of the Special Events Plaza of the newly titled AT&T Stadium in preparation of our appearance at the Cotton Bowl Classic, January 3, 2014. 

Sunday, October 13, 2013

Where there is a Will, there is a Way, and a Cory, Bob and Chris

2013 US National Champions: 4:38 Team Total
(L-R) John Granby, VP Lion, Cory McGee, Chris Finkes, Bob Russell, Dr. Paul Davis
Whiteman Air Force Base, a self-funded team of three pulled off a surprise here in Montgomery Thursday. 

Cory McGee, Bob Russell and Chris Finkes drove 12 hours in a mini-van- a precient move as we’ll see at the end of this sentence- camped in a tent for $5 per night at the local air base and crushed the competition to take home the Lion Trophy (aka “The Granby”). 

Having lost virtually every bit of funding, they made it happen anyway. 

Congratulations to our 2013 National Champions!