Wednesday, October 30, 2013

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic: Posting No. 2

This is the first invitational list for the Cotton Bowl event.  Due to the concentrated schedule of having individual and relay runs occur nearly simultaneously, competitors will only be able to participate in one or the other. All competitors who are alternates are posted with a * by their number.

We will be contacting everyone on the list, but if you're already certain either way, please don't hesitate to contact us.

1 Shaun Henderson Oakville Team Levitt Safety
2 Jeff Leonard Hayward Fire Department
3 Claude Belanger Groupe Solution Sinistre Longueuil
4 Jamie McGarva Westshore Terminals / Delta
5 Louis Boiteau Hamilton
6 Justin Couperus Hamilton
7 William Gates Team USAFA
8 Ian Van Reenen Lambton College
9 John Betts Wendy’s of Fredericton
10 Ryan Hallam Wendy’s of Fredericton
11 Bruce Fields Winston-Salem Fire and Rescue
12 Mike Melton Alameda County Fire
13 Aaron Makkinga Shell Scotford ERT
14 Scott Minty Bruce Power
15 MacKenzie Briggs So - Flo
16 Ian Pringle Brampton Fire Demons Team Starfield Lion
17 Joseph Waggett Missoula Fire
18 Drew Huerter Brampton Fire Demons Team Starfield Lion
19* Cory McGee Whiteman Crash Fire Group
20* Matt Ciolfi Team Edge- North Vancouver
21* Beau Gunter Team Tuscaloosa
22* Reid Taylor Westshore Terminals / Delta
23* Ryan Rickards Westshore Terminals / Delta
24* Mike Brown Kamloops Fire Rescue
25* Brian Klassen Barrie Fire
26* Don Clarke Kamloops Fire Rescue

1 Team Horry Hy-Conn
2 Lambton Relay
3 Carlsbad Fire Dirty 5
4 Oakville Fire Team Levitt-Safety
5 Westminster Combat
6 Montgomery Blue
7 Team Baconator
8 Hamilton Fire
9 Kamloops Fire Rescue Team New Gold
10 Brampton Demons Team Starfield Lion
11 Sherbrooke Innotex ST
12 Mr. Restore
13 Waukegan Fire Over 40
14 Winston Salem Young Guns
15 Team So-Flo/Ridebackwards
17* Team Westshore Terminals Delta
18* Sc Johnson

1 Amber Bowman Central York Fire
2 Carla Penman North Vancouver district
3* Jacqueline Palmer Las Vegas Fire & Rescue
4* Lindsey Ingram Winnipeg Fire Dept.

Over 50

1 Mark Millward Westshore Terminals / Delta
2 Al Ertzner Fort Calhoun fire
3 Malcolm Hills Edmonton
4 Cyril Fraser Halifax Regional Fire
5* David Steele Las Vegas Fire&Rescue
6* Lonnie Lewis Team Chesterfield, VA

Over 40
1 Bob Russell Whiteman Crash Fire Group
2 Darren Van Zandbergen Oakville Team Levitt Safety
3 Darren Hillman Windsor/Tecumseh Team Parker Construction
4 Joachim Posanz TFA Team Goettingen Germany
5 David Bowman Charlotte Fire Dept
6 Brad Johnston Darlington Nuclear FD
7 Bob Murray Team West Edmonton Mall
8 Patrick Kraft Team USAFA
9 Rick Stephens So - Flo
10 Chris Cerci Peters Township Fire Department
11* Daniel Garner Pittsfield Fire Department
12* Jeff Readman Team West Edmonton Mall

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