Tuesday, November 4, 2014

World Challenge XXIII- Day Two- Interim Report

The view on 3rd Street. Looking North towards the Sheraton Hotel Downtown
Yesterday’s races are posted you tube (link below). Already, new World Records are falling while old acquaintances are being refreshed. The weather continues to be incredible.

While in the 80°s, humidity is incredibly low. We have swamp coolers in the ready tent, but hardly need them.

There are hundreds of competitors here from New Zealand, Portugal, Poland, Germany, France, Slovenia and of course, Canada.

Lots of new inductees to the Lion’s Den; they’ll get their just rewards at World Challenge XXIV.

I’m getting lots of questions about where we’re headed next year; we’ll have an answer for everyone quite soon, I’m certain.
I want to remind everyone that we’re switching the training session with Perry from 2:00PM (1400) to 1000hrs (10:00) at the Sheraton Hotel.

We’re continuing to film all the races and are posting them as fast as we can. Here’s the link for yesterday:  http://youtu.be/kTxSptOMlFc

We want to thank Lion for helping to underwrite the production costs; through no fault of theirs, our Internet connection just doesn’t have the band width to upload real time.

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