Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Tandem Revisited

Before we start the 2009, now is a good time to revisit our Tandem program. Clearly, there’s a lot of traction as evidenced by the huge increase in numbers this past year. The Tandem was Jay Staeden’s creation. He posited the concept on one of our morning runs. We dropped the double run for a couple of reasons, the first being the amount of time it takes for a double run.

We strongly urge all new players to use the Tandem as their entrée to the Challenge. It’s a good way to get a gauge of where you are before alternatively making a fool of yourself, or getting in too deep. With what appears to be a need to get more women engaged, the tandem eliminates the problems of rounding up entire team. In fact, we can find a partner, much as a pick-up round of golf, if you don’t already have some one to partner with. Cory, Mike, Bill, Chuck, Jeannie have all had great comments and I invite their posting here.

Register through Google with a legitimate user name. Courteous exchanges are the norm here.

The first proposal, which has already been eclipsed by some of the CAB member suggestions was to break the Dummy Drag in half. So, have at it.


Henny said...

My personal opinion is that the tandem rules be left alone. In a 2 person tandem, fatigue never sets in if you are in moderate to good shape. By adding a stop or break at the half way mark, all you are doing is increasing the times, and also giving slower competitors an area to catch a breath. We as competitors want to see the challenge get tougher not easier.

Cheri said...

I disagree with the split. It expects little talent from the back half partner if they can't complete this. That would leave them with running cones and dragging hose. Especially in the co-ed. It should be equally tough front and back half. This is tandem, not one person doing most and another helping out a little.

Larry said...

I agree with Henny and Cheri, leave it the way it is. Hard training and conditioning should allow any competitor to finish the course.

Unknown said...

I think if you are going to make changes to the Tandem you should go back to the way it used to be. You had to run the course twice.

Team Alaska said...

Dan and I have participated in the tandem since it's inception. We are both fans of the original two run format. However with this option already eliminated we have a few more ideas to make the event much more exciting.

1. Stop portraying the event as a "crowd killer" this is a comment we have personaly heard several times from event staff! Promotion goes a long way!

2. Stop hiding the event at Nationals and Worlds in the morning perpetuating it's "inferiority". It's hard to be a crowd pleaser when there are no crowds!!!!

3. Incorporate an elimination style tournament to Nationals and Worlds to enhance the tandems exciting nature. Take the top 8 fastest regional times throughout the season and give them buys to the finals at Nationals. Next have a last chance qualification round at Natioanls to decide the next 8 qualifiers to advance to a 16 seed " survivor relay" style elimination tournament. This would equal only four quick rounds. A round of 8-4-2(with a consolation run for 3rd.) This relay style format would most definetly add more excitment and challenge to the event while only taking around 20 minutes. The top 8 finishers from Nationals would then advance to the finals at Worlds and the same format would be followed. With perhaps adding more last chance qualification slots to the tournament at worlds. Showcasing the 8 (or so) fastest teams going head to head in the finals would certainly be more exciting and eliminate any "crowd killing" effect perceived by some.

Thanks for taking the time to hear our ideas,

Team Alaska
Clay Hamilton
Dan Stevens

man made chaos said...

I agree with Alaska. If there are any changes to the tandem it should be changed back to the old way it was ran. We are starting a new team here in Lubbock, Texas and we planned on using the tandem to introduce us to the course. We know we may not be competitive this year as a team, but feel we can be as a tandem. Please dont change the tandem.

B. Guernsey said...

Hi Everyone -

A few thoughts...I used to run the tandem back at its inception. It is fun, and yes it is exciting. So that being said...

1) Do NOT split the drag. Dr. Paul, you made a comment in your "Leaving Las Vegas" post about parking lot comps as "bush league" well I agree with that, and I also think that if you split the drag in the tandem then you will discredit this event, the ability of the competitors participating (Men and Women) - and our sport as a whole. We want to show the public our abilities as professionals to be able to preform our job - not show that we can't drag them 100 feet and "rescue" them with out stopping and having someone else finish it for us.

I actually can not believe this thought of splitting the drag was even taken seriously and posted.

I want everyone to compete! But train hard, prepare yourself as you would our job, or don't show up and and expect a walk in the park. This is not an easy career and neither is this sport!

Ok... Sorry that was long but I'm very passionate about our profession and our sport. I want to beat the best. I will never ask anyone to make it easier for me. I WILL TRAIN HARDER TO GET BIGGER, FASTER, & STRONGER.

Last... Since I do not compete in the tandem anymore (We do relay and team). I would love to see Dan and Clay's suggestion for a tourney! What a GREAT Idea. People would love to see this. Absolutely brilliant!

Thanks Everyone
Brian Guernsey
Team Nor*Cal

Waukegan-Combat said...

My opinion falls in line with most of the others on this blog with that the dummy drag should not be split in half. The challenge should not be made any easier, by doing half of the course you are making it easy enough as it is. I think taking the 8 fastest times from the wild cards and having a single elimination much like the relays would be excellent exposure and entertainment value for everyone involved.

Mark said...

On Target Staff,
I have some questions to post not related to this topic. The forum on the Combat Challenge site does not seem to be working. It has also not had a post since August of last year. Could you please advise if the forum is closed or on where I should post my questions.
Mark Wilson
Team Rescue Mode

Daniel Pace said...

If you have a specific question, emailing me at will work. Our forum is due to be revamped soon, I wasn't aware it was having a problem, and I'll look into that.

Daniel Pace
On Target