Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Coming to You Live...almost

If you’re looking for all the content from our live streaming of World Challenge XXI, you’ll find it at

We’re not exactly thrilled with We’ve used them for the past three years. But this year they dropped the ball by changing platforms. You probably noticed when you Googled the doman and ended up somewhere else.

All of our content is now uploaded by Danny Lipps of Reel Events, the camera-production group who worked tirelessly for six straight days in bringing you the best of action.

I’d also like to thank Rick Lewis, our director of photography and Maria Prekeges for her stand-up interviews and Jim Degrandpre, PA announcer.

Mike Word took things up a couple of notches this year; his Master of Ceremonies at the Lion’s Den made that celebration the best ever.

Skyview of the Scott FCC Broadcast Booth

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