Saturday, December 29, 2012

Around This Time Each Year...

Well, actually, it starts before the season is over; “Where’s the 2013 Schedule?”

Were it just so simple. This is the hardest, most complex thing that we have to do. Here are the constraints: time, money and the D.O.T. 

Commercial drivers are prohibited from working more than 10 hours in a day. Log books must be current. And big fines result for going over your daily limit. So, we can’t book events that exceed the number of available, or necessary driving dates from the last event. 

Then, there is the cost of putting on an event. Regrettably, we are not a federal agency; a state agency; a municipal agency or any other form of not-for-profit. If we can’t cover our costs through our revenues, this show will come to a screeching halt. So, local hosts raise about 25% of the cost of the show. That takes time. Contracts; down payments. Progress payments- all this paperwork has to be in order. 

Very, very few of our events have the resources sitting around where they can simply send in their payment-in-full. So, it takes time to organize the tour- avoiding impossible distances between events and accommodating all the people who have a special date. Or not. 

The schedule is not a secret. We have found the Internet to be the best possible vehicle for keeping our thousands of loyal competitors, friends and family informed of what we know. And when we know it, we post it. Virtually the very moment that we know it. 

So, please keep checking. We’re pretty sure that around the middle of January we’ll have something to tell you. And, oh yeah. World Challenge XXII will be held in Las Vegas, Tuesday, October 22, through Sunday October 27, thereby avoiding any conflict with Halloween. You heard it here first. Well, maybe not.  

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