Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Listen to the Music

In addition to the hundreds of hours that are spent overhauling the Challenge caravan and associated equipment, we’ve been working on the whole sound thing, adding new to us (slightly used) wireless microphones made by Lectrosonics, arguably, the best such products, made in New Mexico by fanatics - their words, not mine. I now know more about UHF bands than I wanted. Hopefully, interference will be a thing of the past.

The playlist is getting a scrubbing. We’ve been dependent upon cell phone coverage for Pandora. Not always the most reliable way to go. Our objective is to create a 5-600 song playlist of G-rated tunes with a 4/4 beat consistent with what you’d hear at any public sports venue. Our original consultant, the voice of the Washington Nationals, before he was taken out by cancer, provided some guidelines that were very helpful. There is a science behind playlist creations for public events.

Now, we turn our attention to you, our listening audience for your input. On rare occasions you’ve provided friendly criticisms of the songs that are aired. But, even more rarely are there solutions or suggestions. Keep in mind, that this is not a concert; the music adds to the ambiance, but Mike Word does better than any by providing play-by-play about the athletes.

For heavy metal aficionados, there’s always the reliable iPod, the place that you can go to get a dose of pre-competition adrenaline.

If you’ve got some songs that you’d like to hear, send us the title and artist. We’ll do our best to track down the music for inclusion in the playlist. And thanks for listening. Send them to: contact@FFCC.TV

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