Thursday, August 15, 2013

Get A Grip

We’ve picked up a new sponsor, Fox Fire, a company ( with a ton of innovations, including luminescent helmet bands and paint. One of their products is a wrap for handles of hand tools such as the sledge hammer that we use for the Keiser.

A couple of Competitors asked me about the product. And then, quite a number of others expressed interest in purchasing the grip for their hammers.

We’ve started a topic on Chuck B’s Forum (front page of our website). We’d like to hear from you- what’s your read-out on this product? Fire away!

The FoxFire Grip


Nate S said...

I for one don't like it. It requires more grip strength to keep the hammer straight. I'm sure its a great product for the fire service, just not for our hammers.

Unknown said...

I think grip tape has an important part in the fire service on specific tools. I don't think its use on the course is one of them. With the increase in handle size I thought it made it more difficult to secure a good grip. With speed and a secure grip playing a large part in that task the tape makes it more difficult. An option to use it or not would be great. Thanks

SUB 85 said...

Is there a option for thinner tape? Or taping it in a manner that reduces the diameter? I like the grip, dont like the diameter.

wildwillard said...

I also do not like the added diameter to our hammers, it makes it more difficult for me to get a good grip. I don't think having it as an option to use or not use the tape would be very fair either. Do away with the tape altogether, or get a much thinner grip tape.