Thursday, July 10, 2014

Lodging: World Challenge XXIII- Part One

Thursday, July 10, 2014 
8:44:50 AM EDT 

The very reason for our coming to Phoenix presents a challenge that we are mitigating through boots on the ground; specifically, finding affordable and convenient rooms during NASCAR’s Sprint Cup Championship at the Phoenix Raceway. Our presence here in Phoenix is being driven by finding the best solution for everyone. 

We will have exposure to the largest crowd ever. But, lodging opportunities are diminished since NASCAR teams have long-term contracts for hotels that are closest to the track. These contracts have been in place for years; so, the critical consideration is to snatch up the remaining rooms before NASCAR fans start their search. 

What makes this event unique is the opportunity to be a sports competition within an international phenomena, with a day off on Friday so that we can move the course to the track. While complicated, this is worth the effort for the exposure for our sponsors as well as our elite athletes. 

Our numbers are predictable, but staggered. Some will attach a few extra days before or after the event. Some, knowing that they will not likely make it into the final days do not plan to be here for the weekend. Others, because of financial constraints want to spend the minimum amount, and will want to show up at the last possible moment for the Wild Card Eliminations. 

Challenge competitors with severely limited resources look for the lowest prices that they can find and are prepared to drive further if necessary. Others want to be in the host hotel, regardless of costs, since convenience is paramount. 

So, giving consideration to all of these factors, we are striving for solutions to everyone’s personal or team parameters. 

We may require up to 300 or more rooms. There is no one hotel that can meet all the requirements enumerated above. So, we’re attempting to nail down a number of options, with contact information immediately available so that you can start making your travel plans. There will likely be a dozen hotels that will have rooms to suit your needs.

It is imperative that you lock in your lodging just as soon as we have identified the toll-free numbers and reservation codes. It is our intention to have this information available within the week. 

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Unknown said...

Thanks for all the work. Being on the left coast we don't have many dates to choose from so I sure hope to make it back to Worlds. Vegas was entertaining but Phoenix and the Race environment will be great. Thanks for the work