Saturday, December 6, 2014

This Week at Combat Central

In April of this year we passed our 400th FCC Event
at the FDIC in Indianapolis, IN
Our after action activities continue unabated, with the following tasks yet to be completed before focusing on what's a head for 2015.
 • The enormous archive of video from Phoenix- to be edited, logged and uploaded on Vimeo
 • State and Provincial Champions identified and certificates generated
 • The trove of over 100,000 photos to be reviewed and posted to our Flickr account
 • Finalist Flags sorted for distribution
 • Certificates of Participation for all of 2104 Competitors
 • World Record Holder Certificates and Patches prepared for shipping

And, a new program that we will kick off after these tasks are complete: Letters of Recognition to be sent to a fire chief, mayor, city manager or any designee of your choosing. Details of this program will be forthcoming in a future Blog.

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