Friday, September 4, 2015

Fairdale High School Fire Science and EMS Academy

Dr. Davis,

I want to thank you and your staff for allowing my students to participate in the Corporate Challenge segment of the Firefighter Combat Challenge event in Louisville, Kentucky on August 22, 2015. I expected that my students would learn just how taxing the occupation of firefighting can be (they did); what I did not expect was the lengths to which your outstanding staff would go to make them feel a part of the brotherhood and culture of the fire service.

During the initial introduction of the competitors, they arranged for my students to exit the tent last and to walk the gauntlet of all the other competitors, high-fiving and fist-bumping the  other competitors the entire length of the course. I am a 25-year veteran of the fire service, and even I thought that was an incredible experience; I can only imagine what it meant to the kids. We stood with the other competitors through the National Anthem, and the introduction of the state MDA spokesperson. It really showed my students what the firefighting family is all about. Many of my students took the time during the event to seek that young man out just to say hello. They found that he is also from the Fairdale area, and will be in the community parade in which we are marching next month.

We initially had 3 4-person teams compete, and again, the staff showed their support, assisting where necessary (some of my students overestimated their fitness level) and announcing their names to the crowd, which was also very supportive. Later in the event, we put together what we felt would be our fastest five-person team. I challenged them to break 3 minutes, and they did, finishing in 2:51.

Again, thank you for providing my students with such an outstanding opportunity.  We look forward to future opportunities: I have already been promised an assault on the two-minute mark.


Jeffery T. Birt
Chief Instructor
Fairdale High School Fire Science and EMS Academy

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Unknown said...

Thanks so much for letting us do this! It meant so much! Everyone was amazing. I originally went into the event knowing what I wanted to do. The body drag. I was one of the ones who thought it would be difficult but not on a extreme level. I WAS WRONG. I had trouble lifting the body up (i'm 154 pounds it was more than me) but everyone around me was yelling words of encouragement and helped me. I carried the body more than halfway before i collapsed but literally EVERYONE there helped. From the lady that yelled and kept on pushing me, to the people who saw me struggling, thank you. It taught me what a true firefighter is like.It taught me the care that they all had and treated each other like family. It taught me I had to work harder physically as well mentally. Thank You combat challenge.
Another thank you is to Mr. Birt. He puts so much effort into his students and program, it's crazy! He has such a big heart and it's aspiring to have him teach me and teach others and to just watch others grow from it. If you want to see the pride of Fairdale Fire and Ems, It's Mr. Birt. He deserves alot of thank yous!