Friday, May 5, 2017

The Etiology of the High Rise Bundle

From time to time, I field questions about the legacy of the various events or tasks that comprise the Firefighter Combat Challenge®. 

For about 20 years now, I’ve been seeking a solution for the high rise bundle that would make it impervious to inclement weather. There are fabric treatments, especially the one produced by Rust-Oleum. Untreated, the 42 pound bundle can soak up four pounds of water. Rather than attempt to make changes during the season, we determined that the Winter of ’16-17 would be the best time to effect the upgrade. 

For those of you at FDIC last week, you saw the 4” rubber-jacketed high-rise bundle. We started with four steel bands, but have determined that we can probably reduce the number by moving them more to the center. Because rubber jacketed hose is more dense, the actual volume is less. 

I’ve weighed packs all over the country. Whether you call them hotel or hospital bundles, or whatever, they’re intended use is for interior fire suppression by hooking up to the riser system. Typically, the bundle includes spanner wrenches, reducer or gated wye and a nozzle. Forty-two pounds is pretty much on the light side. But, I’m interested in what the weight and configuration is at your station. 

Send me photos and descriptions to: Dr.Paul

We’ll continue to tweak the bundle to get the most optimal ergonomics- flexible and conforming to your shoulder, falling naturally such that it stays put when you're climbing.

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