Monday, November 19, 2018

Video on Demand?

The Montgomery FR Team Blue after a repeat World Championship in Sacramento XXVII
For a number of years, we have uploaded all of the runs that we have webcasted from the Wild Cards through to the last run of the Relay. To start with, this year's programming was the most ambitious and costly. We had 16 cameras, CG (graphics with names), and color-coordinated elapsed time.

I feel that this approach, using ESPN3 is a cost-effective way of giving as much exposure as possible to our incredible athletes. When we were doing a post-production on ESPN, only a dozen or so races would make the cut. Now, virtually anyone with a web browser, anywhere in the world can watch the races live. And, later, with the upload, watch on demand.

But, I'm not impressed with our numbers. It seems that with smartphones, anyone who wants to archive a race can do so, reducing the need and the demand for visiting our Vimeo or YouTube channels.

So, we'll monitor the metrics and come back to you with some questions - perhaps in a survey format. If the demand is not there, then we need to spend our modest resources elsewhere.

Anyone with an opinion is invited to share their perspective as we plan for how we'll handle the webcasting for next year. Please send me your thoughts - any thoughts to my email address here.

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