Saturday, October 24, 2020

You Sorta Have to be Here...World Challenge XXIX

Day 1 with Sunshine
This has been a weird year- to say it mildly: it sucked. 

But the light at the end of the tunnel was never brighter than the parking lot of the Dallas Light Rail terminal in Irving. 

Hard to capture the buoyancy of a bunch of incredible fire-athletes whose bravery need not be shown in any other way. Going in harm’s way for the past 9 months, this incredible crew of First Responders has cheated death many times over.

Virtually every man and woman have dug deep into their personal finances to be here. Best characterized as a family reunion that’s taking place at a sports event, old and new friends share the common bond of doing what is hard and dangerous, faster, safer, and better. 

A 40°F temperature drop and gale-forced winds created minor damage but had absolutely no diminution in the spirit of our athletes.  

The public needs to see this and express thanks for this incredible cohort who respond without hesitation; who don’t ask for your credit card before turning out to help fix a day that’s not exactly going well. You call, we come, no questions asked but “where.”

A heart-felt to all of our sponsors, without their support this event would not be possible.

If you’re reading this as the event is taking place, (Thursday, Oct 21 through Sunday, Oct 24) go to www.FFCC.TV and click on Live.


ironman said...

There was no way I wasn't going to be part of this year. They were going above and beyond to keep the challenge going and I wanted to do my small part to support then. Thanks again to everyone for all the extra effort that went in to putting on all the events.

Belinda S said...

Thank you for your confidence in our methods! Stay safe & healthy and we look forward to seeing you next season.