Friday, November 13, 2020

How’s this Sound?

We’re putting together a new program designed to grow our participation and audiences. Over the span of the next several weeks, I’m going to run some ideas up the flag pole. 

While in Irving last month, I had a lot of quality time with many of the WCXXIX attendees. Here’s the first idea: The Significant Other Tandem. 

This concept has been kicked around in past few years. Now’s the time to formalize the event. I spoke with some of our competitors who were very enthusiastic about the idea. 

What we need is a protocol. Exactly what does this look like? We want to integrate the wives and/or girlfriends; but exactly how. Perhaps they do the hose advance?

A lot of these women have called themselves “Challenge Widows.” But why not raise the ante and give them a shot at getting out on the course. 

What is critical to our success is raising the entertainment level and thereby keeping more people in the seats. The Relay category, by far, is the most entertaining of all the races. Especially in the last heats. Bob Ramsey, our venerable long-term announcer from the ESPN days says “I can call a race between two turtles and make it exciting as long as it’s close.”

I’d like to see us as an attractive entertainment event at major functions such as fairs and festivals. This may take on the form of an “audition” or qualification, clinic, or trials first day, followed by the Main Event, or the Big Show on the second day. 

Following this paradigm, the Relay categories could be sorted into multiple Flights, based upon finish time. In a recent luncheon meeting with one of the legacy teams, they remarked that they were just getting to the dummy when the opposing team was turning in their Air-Paks. “It’s humiliating.” 

I’d like to hear from you; via email or phone call. 

You can leave a message on my 24hr Voice Mail: 301.421.4433 x 104. 

Or, send me an email to

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2423Combat said...

One thing that would help keep interest is posting race results in a timely manner. This was the only complaint I heard from Everyone at the 3 events I attended this year.