Thursday, June 5, 2014

Only Game in Town, PART 2

It’s official. We have a venue in Ontario, CA, thanks to Michael Krouse, President and CEO of  the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau. Next, on our growing list of tasks is the exact location, hotels and the number of days that will be required to accommodate the already-coming athletes - an unknown number. As we view this, scores, or perhaps hundreds who were going to play in the Games and have non-refundable tickets would like to have something to show for their money and effort. We will make every effort to firm up days and lodging by next Friday.

Also, we recognize that many athletes may not have planned to bring their bunker gear. We’re working on a solution for this eventuality.

We have requested of the organizer of the World Games a copy of the database so that we an notify everyone that the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge will be stepping it up to accommodate everyone who is interested in experiencing “The Toughest Two Minutes in Sports.”

This BlogSpot will be the authorative source for all information about the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge, and will be updated with the latest information as we know it.

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