Friday, June 20, 2014

Update On World Challenge XXIII

Just to ensure that there’s no confusion, the dates are November 3-9. We will be doing an advance visit to Phoenix during the second week in July.

We typically do not turn on the event (making it “Green”) until after the U.S. Nationals. But, we want to ensure everyone that this event is “On.”

We’re going to attempt something that we’ve never done before; four days of Wild Card Eliminations, then a day off, followed by a move to the NASCAR Track for the last two days on Saturday and Sunday.

There are a LOT of logistics and Ron and I will be addressing these with our site inspection.

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Brian Lowry said...

Hotels are booking quick because of the NASCAR race. Any idea on the part of town the wild card days will be so people can start looking for something close to the track or the wild card days?