Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Here’s a Firefighter Combat Challenge Lion’s Den First!

The first father-son competitor pair happened in the last decade when Randy Hogan and his son showed up. Randy was a captain with the Byron (IL) Fire Department.

Classic NZ Fern design and Lion’s Den coins from the Maw family
But History was made this year when the Maw family from New Zealand came on the scene.
Steven Maw, 24 obtained his Lion's Den time, at the US Nationals in Tyler, Texas in 2014 and was inducted into the Lion’s Den in Phoenix last year. (Our rule is that times that qualify during a season- before World Challenge- are inducted that same year. Times during the current WC are awarded the following year.)

Hamish, (center) just finishing his Lion’s Den Run
Wayne Maw, 51, obtained Lion's Den time at World Challenge XXIII, Tuesday, the 4th of November, Phoenix 2014 and inducted this year at Montgomery
- becoming the first Father/Son to achieve Lion's Den from New Zealand Hamish Maw, 22, obtained Lion's Den time World Finals, Friday 23rd October 2015. Wayne, Steven, and Hamish did a 3-Man All-Maw Relay on Wednesday the 21st October; we’re pretty sure that’s never happened before. Perhaps a new category for an all-in-the-family relay team?

The Maw Family at WCXXIV Montgomery, AL 2015
 Steven became first New Zealander to do a Sub 90 and in doing so became the fastest ever Kiwi, as well as the 2014 NZ National Champion, Runner up 2015. Steven and Hamish were 2014 NZ National Tandem Champions, runners-up for 2015. Wayne, Steven and Hamish were part of the 2014 NZ National Relay winning Team.

The family are members of the Southbridge Fire Brigade; Wayne has 34 years service, Steven 7 ½ years, and Hamish 5 years.
Kudos, Gents! Or, as they like to say in NZ, “Brilliant!”

The Maw family at the 2015 Lion’s Den Induction Ceremony in Mongtomery, AL; Steven, Wayne, Mother Maw and Hamish

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