Friday, June 17, 2016

The End of Muscle Cramps (aka the “Charley Horse”

I don’t know anyone who’s in any kind of shape that hasn’t at least once had the proverbial charley horse; that sudden onset of a twitch that can quickly turn into a seizure, known as tetany.

They’re painful and can cause muscle damage, striking with little warning. Getting the muscle stretched fully is an intervention strategy that has to be implemented immediately.

Textbooks have theories about the mechanics- and we know that cell de-polorization is what’s happening. The rush of ions across the cell membrane, but what’s the trigger? Electrolyte imbalance caused by fatigue- all these generalizations with no real root cause or understanding other than eating bananas and drinking sports drinks.

Well, there might actually be a better understanding of the mechanics behind cramping. At the 63rd Annual Meeting of the American College of Sports Medicine in Boston early this month (June), I visited the exhibits and stopped by a booth called Hot Short.

Here’s the elevator brief on the product: Dr. Rob MacKinnon, a Nobel-laureate scientist has a theory, and a solution in the form of a 1.7oz liquid that calms down the excited and fatigued nervous system. The transmission velocity of a signal across the nervous system is pretty fast. Five years of research has been leveraged for a chemical compound that will suppress the excitability of motor nerves.

You can prophylactically dampen the nerves by drinking the solution before a workout, or shortly after your workout prevent muscle cramps. It contains no banned substances. This post does not constitute an endorsement, but might be a springboard for trial and discussion.

I’d like to hear from you, if your are prone to cramping and find that the product works. Check it out at:

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