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Colonel Roy Davis, USAF (Ret), Tacoma FD (ret)

Colonel Roy Davis, USAF, (ret), Tacoma Fire Department (retired II)
Let’s hear it for some of the “old” guys as we head towards the dawn of a new year. Roy Davis served his country as a pilot for the USAF, after which, seeking yet more adventure, joined the Tacoma (WA) Fire Department at the age of 52 in 1994. As the oldest “boot,” Roy felt a need to demonstrate that he could pull his own weight.

The Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge®, known as “The Toughest Two Minutes in Sports” would validate Roy’s competence as a structural firefighter in a very demanding profession. Roy would astound his peers with his performance on the course. His first event was in 1995 in Tampa. A compendium of his accomplishments is in the table below.

Some of his accomplishments included setting the World Record in Deerfield Beach in 1997 for the Over 50 class. This record would stand for nearly 7 years. This concludes a twenty consecutive year run of holding a world record in either the 50+ or 60+ age groups.

His over 60 Record would stand until this year.

For an overview of Roy’s amazing sports career, here are some links that you’ll find inspirational

Roy’s Swimming Career

Go Hard or Go Home

Anyone looking for a suggested workout/training regimen would benefit greatly by looking at Roy’s website.

Roy was an active competitor on the Firefighter Combat Challenge course for 8 years. While we don’t know exactly how many runs he made in the US, but 40 is probably a reasonable estimate.

LOCATION                                                                           PLACE    TIME  DIVISION     RECORD

1995 WORLD CHALLENGE IV  (TAMPA FL)                   4TH            3:03         50+              2:55
1996 WORLD CHALLENGE V  (LAS VEGAS NV)          2ND            2:34         50+              2:30
1997 WORLD CHALLENGE VI  (LAS VEGAS NV)         1ST             2:03*       50+              2:03
1998 WORLD CHALLENGE VII  (KISSIMMEE FL)         1ST             2:02*       50+              2:02
1999 WORLD CHALLENGE VIII  (LAS VEGAS NV)      1ST             1:55*       50+              1:55
2000 WORLD CHALLENGE IX  (LAS VEGAS NV)         1ST             1:53*       50+              1:53
2001 WORLD CHALLENGE X                                                    INJURED
2002 WORLD CHALLENGE XI (DEERFIELD BEACH)  1ST               1:52*      50+/60+      1:52

*= World Record

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Roy Davis said...

Thanks for the blog, Paul. Also thanks for creating new age groups as fast as I aged up. I also would like to thank Firefit and Dale and Hilary for allowing me to travel with them across Canada from 2001 to 2005. This event gave me a career in the fire service where I met many amazing friends across the US and Canada. I’ll have to check with Firefit, but I believe I still hold the 60+ record on the Firefit course at 1:38.
Paula and I are now really retired in Arizona enjoying the good life.