Saturday, January 5, 2019

The Challenge Goes to the American College of Sports Medicine (ACSM) Annual Meeting

The American College of Sports Medicine hosts the 3M | Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge® at its 66th Annual Meeting, the last week in May 2019 at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC). The Worldwide membership of the college is north of 55,000; approximately 7,000 will be in attendance. 

The Challenge will take place next door, on the parking lot of the Rosen Center. 

For three days, Monday, through Thursday, we will welcome members of the College to organize three-to-five person relay teams, based upon their academic affiliation. We are recruiting Challenge Competitors to coach the teams in preparation for a seeding round run prior to the Finals. 

The Collegiate Cup Challenge Championship will take place 9PM (2100hrs) Thursday night, under the lights, as 32 Colleges and Universities go head to head in an NCAA-style, single elimination tournament. Membership on a team requires a common educational, or HealthCare affiliation including undergraduate, or graduate student, or faculty member. 

All team members will execute a hold harmless waiver and be issued a fire helmet and gloves for their race. Athlete apparel will be appropriate and supplied by individuals. 

The basics: There are five linked evolutions, with a baton pass between each of the competitors. An instructional video may be viewed here: «in production; the link will be up shortly»

The seeding round will be used to populate the 32 brackets, with the first round of 16 races and 8 the next, etc. Advancement is not based on time, but the order of finish. 

Time slots for practice will be made through EventBrite® on a first-come basis. Thirty minutes of course time will be allocated, with two teams per half hour. More practice time will be allocated, based on demand. 

There will be a 2-hour occupational health and fitness Symposium on Friday, open free of charge for all active duty firefighters. 

An official Regional Event will take place on Friday with Individuals and Teams with Tandems and Relays on Saturday. Start times to be determined. 

All coaches will have their entry fees waived. 

Questions: Give Daniel a call at the office: 301.421.4433

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