Monday, February 25, 2019

Refresh Your Biography Information

One of the important off-season tasks has been the overhauling of the competitor biography information database.

We have expunged all of the data and will start afresh this season. Clearly, some of the archival data were dated.

It is our intention to use everyone's biography once they step out on the course. You earned it.

Think of it this way: a batter steps into the box. What about this guy do I want to know? What would make him interesting? What drives her to compete.

We don't need a long narrative. But what about you do you think people might find to be interesting?

How many runs on the course? What's your personal best? Do you have a personal goal.

The announcer will have access to your Lion's Den membership- when you made it and where.

This "baseball card" synopsis will add interest for everyone.

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