Friday, November 22, 2013

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic: Post No 6- The Tower

Ron Beckman will be transporting the tower to Arlington, Texas on the 1st of December; it will be set up on the 2nd. We’ll be planning a lot of activity around the course, including a Good To Go (G2G) program during the month of December.

Presently, we’re diligently working on a media plan that will allow TV and print media to come to the AT&T Stadium to “try out” the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge course starting on Wednesday. The Team Mascots will race against each other, assuming that their costumes allow such activity.

I want to remind everyone that this is the only official site for information about the Cotton Bowl Classic. Questions should be directed to our office.

It is our intention to fix the number and names of the individuals and teams that will be participating. We do have a standby list and many of these individuals have offered to assist with resetting the course. If you’d like to be considered for one of the 24 positions, indicate your interest via an email.

The logistics of shuttling the competitors and event staff is being worked on; the two hotels will be rallying point, alleviating any requirement to have to pay $60 to park your car.

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