Wednesday, November 6, 2013

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic - Posting No. 3

Today was a good day. We met with the Cotton Bowl organizing committee and went through the logistics, time lines, and all that. So, here’s the latest. We will roll in on the 31st and set up in preparation for media challenges and demonstrations. The Arlington FD will provide coaching and assistance for the many entities that want to have a go at the Challenge course.

We are working on lodging and bussing. The first hotel that we’ve made arrangements with is the Comfort Suites. This will likely appeal to our sponsors. While we got a killer deal for the timeframe, with tax, it’s going to run about $150 per day. They do pickup at both DFW and Love Field. Plus they have a nice gym and great breakfast. If you’re looking for an upscale place this is it. I’ll have the contact information shortly. We’re looking to book perhaps as many as 50 rooms in a moderately priced and convenient location. And as mentioned earlier, a manifest of available racks in the adjoining fire stations.

The Game
Lots of interest in attending the game. So, our Challenge Competitors will be given “Party Passes” which will allow entry - with a caveat. First, friends, family and strap hangers will have to purchase the wrist band for $50. The second part is that you'll get to help unfurl the 100 yard long American Flag at the start of the game. This will require the assistance of 250 people. We’ll ask that you wear your helmet and bunker coat. We’ll have a place to stash your gear during the game.
The 100 Yard Long American Flag
Here’s some snap shots from the visit to the AT&T Stadium today
Engineer Adam Evans, AFD Engine 14
Post-Cotton Bowl Meeting Sightseeing: Paul Davis and Adam Evans

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Brett said...

Where would the competition take place (in the stadium or in the parking lot)? And when would it take place (pre game or half time)? Thanks