Monday, November 11, 2013

AT&T Cotton Bowl Classic Posting No. 4

An important clarification on access to the Lion’s Den Invitational of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge at the AT&T Classic Cotton Bowl - AT&T Stadium. All Challenge competitors will be provided free entry along with a Spirit Pass (Standing Room only ticket) that will allow access to the stadium and to be part of the pre-game flag unfurling activity. 

Unfortunately, friends and family will have to pay $50 for access to the special events plaza. This is not your normal Challenge in the Home Depot parking lot. The gates are outside of the event and we are inside the gated area. The game is already sold out. The cheapest seat on the secondary market is $250. There may be tickets available through other sources, but we do not have any special access other than through our official roster. So, please do not show up and think that you’ll be able to waltz in the door. 

If you have never been to a Cowboy’s game (and this is a bigger deal), be prepared for some gridlock and sold out everything. And, unless you want to walk with your gear bag about 2 miles, pay careful attention to the upcoming instructions on how the shuttle service will work. The acres of parking will be packed with tailgaters. 

All of the event volunteers must be vetted and we’re reserving the slots for those WCXXII competitors who may not make the cut but want to work the course. That’s the least (and unfortunately the most) we can do. 

Other Amenities
There will be special gold medals for the first place finishers only- provided by the AT&T Cotton Bowl. Also, a special commemorative tee shirt for the Lion’s Den Invitees.  


Unknown said...

When friends and family pay the $50 for access to the special events plaza, do they get a standing room only pass as well? If not, will those be available for purchase?
Jimmy Rogers

Paul O. Davis, Ph.D. said...

Jimmy: all the seats are sold out. The cheapest one being $250. The “Spirit Pass” is $50 and you get standing room only. There will be a limited number of passes available for friends and family.