Sunday, November 24, 2013

World Challenge XXIII- Heads Up

My usual practice is to not make any announcement about the specifics of the World Challenge before things are fixed, as in a signed contract.

I’m very sensitive to the need for bidding for leave a year in advance. Presently, we’re negotiating with LiftMaster to hold World Challenge XXIII at the Sprint Cup finals in Phoenix, November 8 & 9 (Saturday and Sunday).

There are a lot of details to be addressed before we go “hot” with the news. However, I get it- that you’d like to get the time off to compete. Most departments give seniority rights to leave requests in December. So, the heads up.

One possibility is the Wild Card Eliminations would be held downtown Phoenix and we would move to the track on Friday. This is being explored and may not happen. That means we might start on Monday. But, that could change.

There are no secret negotiations or other source of information. This is the official site for the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge and the first place that the official schedule will be posted. As soon as we know it, you will also know it.

Having just said that, we are not liable for changes of venues or airplane tickets.

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