Thursday, October 22, 2015

WCXXIV Day Three- Montgomery- Longest Standing WR Falls to Ryan Fitzgerald

Back in 2001, in an off-the-record, private conversation, Bob Russell of the Overland Park, KS FD remarked that he was going to put the World Record so far out there that no one could touch it. True to his word, that year at WCX on Mudd Island in Memphis, he posted an astonishing 1:19.2.

On Wednesday, October 21 in Montgomery, AL, Ryan Fitzgerald of IAFF Local 571/Lakeland (Minnesota) did what had been impossible for neigh on 14 years- a new WR to the delight of the thousands of spectators who were waiting for this day.

His 1:17.51 is the new standard that the hundreds of Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge Competitors will now chase.
Ryan Fitzgerald, Current World Record Holder at press conference with Mayor Todd Strange, Montogmery, Alabama

In this space, we’ll bring you more video, photos and a compelling interview of Ryan.

And, there were other WRs that were set on this day as well. The Website has been updated to reflect those accomplishments.

After 3 days, there’s only 10 seconds that separate the top 7 teams. Talk about close!

On a more mundane topic, the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge is the only public safety, or military sport that does testing for banned substances. We are rightfuly proud of this fact. We choose to do this, despite the complexities and costs because we believe that our sport deserves it.

Specimen collection station for testing of banned substances

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