Saturday, October 24, 2015

WCXXIV: Montgomery Day Five

Street banner in Montgomery Alabama
A repeating theme on the conversation here in Montgomery is the scale of what’s important. Interestingly, in discussions with veteran competitors, the actual racing takes second place to the incredible fraternity that is the Firefighter Combat Challenge.

There’s a huge segment of North American firefighters who are missing out on what is the most elite of the firefighter community.

Ross Lowery, who retired as BatChief3 from Moline, IL was our operations manager and Course Marshal for several years in the early days. He remarked that he would not trade the experience for the world.

So, when people ask you about why you do this, you, like thousands of others will likely say, “I really can’t adequately tell you about the experience- you have to be there.”

You can check out the standings for all the races elsewhere on this website. Kamloops will host an awards ceremony within the next six weeks or so. And all the other competitors will show their medals and combat swag to admiring fans. We’ll be hard at work editing for uploading the video of the various races. But, all the while, there’s going to be a reflection of the six days in Alabama that were over the top. And that will bring a smile to your face.

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