Tuesday, October 20, 2015

WCXXIV- Montgomery, Day One

Welcome sign as seen in the Atrium of the Embassy Suites, our host hotel
Off the charts! This city has pulled out all the stops to make everyone feel welcome and provide all our athletes with the best possible experience.

It starts at the airport and it’s everywhere that you look, such as the atrium of the host hotel

Welcome signs abound. Before first light on Monday morning, local TV is on the scene doing a feature, promoting the event.

We’ll add more signs with each daily report.

While we typically don’t hold a formal Opening Ceremony until Relay Day, the honor guard from Maxwell Air Force Base presented the colors.

“Good Help is Hard to Find”

But, in Montgomery, it’s built into the program. There were 19 cadets in their all-red PT gear on the scene and looking fit. It’s great to see a workforce in training that looks the part- right from the Get-Go! They will get a shot at running the relay event later in the week.
These 19 Cadets are getting the ring-side view of the World-Class Athletes of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge 
TV production under the able direction of Maria Prekeges, a regular feature at our World Challenge events started off right on time. We’re streaming world wide with an audience representative of the 13 countries present.

Of special note, the presentation of an impressive plaque from the Kuwait Oil Company’s first responders to the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge crew.

The Kuwaiti Contingent presents the Road Crew of the Scott Firefighter Combat Challenge with a memorial plaque

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