Monday, October 26, 2015

Roll Credits...Capital Cool

Typical crowd shot during the week of World Challenge XXIV
Shortly after our CAB (Challenge Advisory Board) meeting on Wednesday, Dave Valero (aka Diamond Dave) of the El Paso Fire Department suggested that we have a Blog for those who would like to convey to our hosts, the City of Montgomery their kudos for the most outstanding World Championships ever. 

This is that place. Let me attempt to count the ways: bleachers, shelter, water, snacks, course help, goody bag (with tee shirts), sunglasses, shuttle service, air conditioned head, just for starters.

It’s pretty simple- just add your comments and they’ll automatically be shared with those who have invested so much to raise the bar. And, in case you missed it, even the street lights recognized our presence. You need to have a gmail, Open ID or google account to post. Also, here's our hashtag for twitter: #WorldsMontgomery2015.

Proclaimation from the Mayor, Todd Strange


Battleborn said...

My first World's at age 44. This was a first class event in every way. I would love to come back next year to get my jacket;)

Unknown said...

I have been competing since 2011 and ALWAYS look forward to coming to Montgomery. I have never seen a city embrace the Challenge like Montgomery. Not just World's, the regional competitions as well. Thanks Montgomery for a fantastic event. The location was perfect as always, the hospitality, the extras, ect. Can't wait to return in 2016.

Donny Leonard Sr. Team On Fire For God.

asdfjkl; said...

Montgomery was a FANTASTIC host! Can't believe how they pulled out all the stops to make this such a world class event. Touch├ę, Montgomery AND the OnTarget Challenge team!

Unknown said...

From the moment we arrived at the airport, seeing the welcome banner, I felt that this would be a very special event and I was not disappointed. Rather, it seemed that every step I took just added another excellent layer to the experience. Having the host hotel so close to the event venue and free breakfast took away not only added expense but anxiety about "What to eat!" The addition of water and snacks during the day was brilliant! Every day I heard a competitor say something positive about how helpful the Montgomery Fire members (who were on every corner it seemed!) in any of their concerns or needs. One competitor needed a new water/shaker bottle and a Montgomery Fire member asked her to stand by… he went out and got her one! Seeing the participation of the different Montgomery Fire Stations was also something that I would like to see in my department… the team building is invaluable and everyone can do at least one of the stages! The only thing I would offer for consideration for future world events would be more warm-up tools placed inside a tented area and some sports/massage therapists on hand. Thanks for a great event!

ironman said...

I had a great time at the event. I have a story to share that says a
lot about the people of Alabama. I was talking to a member of the Portugal Fire Department. The 6 members arrived in Montgomery and because of some confusion and I think a communication problem they began to walk from the airport to their hotel. They were walking in their full dress uniform and carrying their belongings. A car pulled up and the driver a small elderly woman offered a ride to these men. She knew nothing about them except they were in uniform walking along the highway. They explained where they were from and why they were here. The woman piled the 6 of them in her car and drove them to their hotel. I know this is just one of the many random acts of kindness that was extended to the visiting firefighter during the week in Montgomery. Thanks to everyone!!