Sunday, October 25, 2015

WCXXIV: Montgomery Day 6

Living up to its expectations, the Relay Competition produced a full house and all the expected noise and caphony. There were surprises in the races, as a single bobble by one of the favorites would spell defeat.

Clearly, our “E-Ticket” ride is a crowd pleaser. We’ll be talking about this “Worlds” and the Montgomery event for a very long time. (The term “E-Ticket” for those of you who have been to Disneyland long ago, was the very best of rides like Space Mountain.)

The tribute to Jeanie Allen was one of my most moving experiences ever, bringing tears to everyone’s eyes. Mayor Strange, compelled with the emortions of a man who cares deeply for other people and who has a very fond place in his heart for firefighters was looking for a way to express his sympathy and did so by hugging me tightly. I had no words.

The loss of an admired friend such as Jeanie had the pain not unlike that of the loss of a child. My wife and I learned a lot about Jeanie during her valient fight and was honored do what little we could to provide a refuge at our house when she would come to NIH in Bethesda for her clinical trials.

Hopefully, all of you, on your passing will be similarly revered.

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Cheri said...

Thank you for letting us take the time to do the tribute. It meant a lot to so many.